Do you want to share something on Mom in doubt?

It started with the Dutch site that is a huge success. After multiple media appearances I started getting more and more emails from my readers. From women that regretted having children through the ones having doubt up until the ones that didn’t have a choice because they have fertility problems. They all shared their deepest feelings and gave me their honest advice and let me put their story on the site.

I want you to do the same and tell me your story. Why did or didn’t you choose for children? Show the readers what it’s like to be a mom. Tell them what it’s all about. And not just women, men are just as welcome to tell their story.

Whether you’re in doubt, have a family of your own, don’t want kids or if there are medical issues, I want to know your story. I’ll link your website if you ask me to.

So, can I expect your story in my inbox? Send it to