Hi, my name is Patricia and I am what you could call a mom in doubt. I was born in ’84 and I have never thought about having children up until the summer of ’06. This was when I met the love of my life. Where I never thought about kids, he already knew that he wanted to be a father. That’s how my search started and you can read all about it in my weekly column starting in November.

Being a freelance journalist I’ve set up this website for women who – like me – are having doubts about whether or not they want children. There’s a forum (red. there will be soon) where you can discuss your doubts or just share thoughts. The site will be filled with columns, news, interviews and all sorts of trivia about this topic.

A year ago I started a website on this subject in Holland. It’s called TwijfelMoeder. It’s a huge success with over ten thousand visitors a month and a lot of media attention. When I told foreign freinds my story they agreed: it’s a struggle for women worldwide. They will want to read my articles as well. This motivated me to create an international version.

Small footnote, I’m not a native speaker so please forgive me for all the spelling and grammar crimes I’m going to commit. Living in the Netherlands we all learn the English language at school, sadly it wasn’t my strongpoint.